HELP NEEDED: Looking for a Licensed Massage Therapist to join our team part time on weekends and evenings.

Restoring Rhythm Through Movement and Sound


Through massage we seek to restore the body's internal balance, it's harmony and rhythm.  Massage can affect all of the body's systems and encourage it to maintain its own homeostasis.  Like a perfectly orchestrated piece of music, at Musica Humana we hope to help you balance the music of your own body.


We specialize in Integrative massage which utilizes a variety of techniques from Swedish to Deep Tissue modalities.  Each session is customized to fit each client's individual needs!  Our therapist is also certified in Advanced Prenatal massage and can safely administer to expectant mothers in any stage of pregnancy.

Now offering Infant Massage Courses to expectant and current parents of children aged 3 weeks to 3 years! Learn how to provide exquisite care for your child in this unique bonding experience.

Ideally located in Afton, NY on Main Street, we seek to encourage preventive healthcare to the rural communities of Upstate New York.  As one of the only massage offices in the area to offer a monthly massage club, we strive to make massage therapy an affordable addition to any heathcare routine.

UPDATE: Due to the exceedingly high demand for massage therapy, we may not be able to accommodate ALL new clients.  Please refer to our online scheduling program to reserve an appointment.  If you cannot find a time that works for you, please message us and we will place you on a cancellation list for your preferred timeframe.  All gift certificates are now valid indefinitely, please disregard any expiration dates.


All gift certificates ordered online are e-certificates and are a monetary value.  Please contact our office with any questions.